Shadows of Shoah - an exhibition

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Shadows of Shoah - an exhibition

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I really don't know where to put this, but I simply had to share!

It's an incredible exhibition on the holocaust. I've really never seen anything like it in terms of its artistic format, in bite-sized pieces, minimalist, and in a multi-media format that makes it accessible online in a meaningful way.

Check it out (though the subject matter is very heavy).

I'd never heard of it before today, though navigating through it, I was surprised that I'm acquainted with several of the holocaust survivors who are featured.
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Re: Shadows of Shoah - an exhibition

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If I were in NZ ...

This reminds me. Some years ago I went to the permanent Holocaust exhibition at London's Imperial War Museum. Extremely powerful. Took me about two and a half hours to walk through it. I wrote down my reflections and then forgot to post them. Now might be the time. (Will do so when I get home tonight.)
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