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~ Faun ~

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I'm talking the band from Germany. I first heard their music back in the early 2000's at a coffeeshop. The manager had a very eclectic and usually quite interesting song recordings he played. I think their album Renaissance was the one I got and I used to have a DVD of their 'Totem' live tour. Anyway, I sort of lost track of them for several years and rediscovered them when Pandora (when Australia still had it) played Egil Saga when I was listening to the Omnia channel. I then stumbled across a live recording of their song Pearl when it popped up on the sidebar of YouTube when I was watching Castlefest TV. I see the band has gone through several changes over the years! I was somewhat familiar with Adaya's music so when they announced she was joining the band... well, I was interested.

I don't know how this wonderful live gem of Pearl has eluded me in my searches for Faun live videos over the last few years, but it did. It just showed up on the side bar today...
Bloody YouTube algorithm...

This was at Farieworlds Harvest Festival in Eugene Oregon in September 2011. The lead singer is Rairda who was in the band from 2010 to 2012. I'm not sure who the dancer is but Oregon has quite a dynamic bellydance community...

Anyway... love this band! Most fav era was when I discovered them to when Elisabeth Pawelke left in 2008.
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