The History of the Silmarils- Season 4, Episode 6, Last Scen

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The History of the Silmarils- Season 4, Episode 6, Last Scen

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Note: This scene would have concluded Season 4 in our original version. It leads nicely into the drama of Season 5, sets up lots of expectations in our fans, and gives direction to a relationship that has (hopefully) been keeping part of the fan base hanging in anticipation for a bit.

[Camera open on walls of Himring. Maedhros sits in a parapet, one arm propped on his knee. Nassë leans against the edge of the wall. It is late afternoon, and the snow sparkles in the low sunlight.]

Nassë: So,when will you move?

Maedhros: All will need time to prepare, and messages must pass between the allies. We will probably not have all ready until late summer, at the earliest. [firmly] I will not make my father’s mistake! He moved too quickly, and attacked the Enemy on terms Morgoth set.

Nassë: And what will you do once you have won?

Maedhros: Assuming we get that far?

Nassë: [nods] Your little house in the valley, with horses? Could you stand to be so isolated?

Maedhros: [nods, smiles] For the next age or two. I will stay there until all living souls forgot I was ever anything but a quiet farmer. My sword will grow rusty from hanging on a wall. I may even get too fat for my armour. [Nassë laughs]

Nassë: You? Never. You would last a season, no more than that. Then you would be back leading our people, and loving every bit of it.

Maedhros: Never. Celegorm and Curufin are the ones who seek leadership. [sighs in obvious frustration] If they do anything to ruin this alliance with their hot-headed arrogance, I swear by all the Valar I will hang them from these walls for a month!

Nassë: You have given commands to all of your captains. Everyone here knows exactly where they will stand in your line.

Maedhros: And?

Nassë: Did you think to leave me behind? Where will I be if not beside you?

Maedhros: [shakes his head] No. [cut to Nassë, shocked] I need you here. I cannot leave either of my captains to hold this fortress while I march to war. [straightens to face Nassë as she backs away] Who else can I give the command to?

Nassë: You would leave me behind, to nursemaid the women and children while you –

Maedhros: I would leave you here so I would not have to worry about those who cannot fight.

Nassë: The tunnel –

Maedhros: Is nearly finished, but it will not be enough. Without a strong hand to lead them, these fools will panic and scatter should the gates fall.

Nassë: There are others you could leave here. I cannot –

Maedhros: [emotional] I cannot go to war if I must worry whether or not you are safe! I cannot keep myself whole if I watch for you on the field.

Nassë: What are you saying?

Maedhros: [awkwardly] I . . . You know what you are to me. You must. [stands] Tell me you feel the same way.

Nassë: I know what I feel, but I will not think to read your heart. You must speak your feelings.

Maedhros: Not until this is done. Once our Enemy falls I will be free to have a life that is my own.

Nassë: Are you asking me to share that life?[Camera focus on Maedhros, who nods slowly. He opens his mouth, then closes it firmly as Nassë moves closer.]

Nassë: I do not know if I could even be a wife, but I am willing to try. Old shadows –

Maedhros: You are not the only one with those shadows. Still, when I can have a life, I want you with me. Nalyë melmë cuilenya. Ma vestuvalyen? [subtitled: You are the love of my life. Will you marry me?]

[Camera focus on Nassë. Tears fill her eyes and run slowly down her cheeks. She nods, biting her lip. Maedhros steps closer, embraces her. Nassë stretches up on her toes to kiss him.]

Nassë: [breathless] We do not have to wait, you know. I would wed you now, here.

Maedhros: [glances Upper Left. Camera follows. Two sentries walk the battlements, pointedly ignoring their lord’s conversation] Without even a bed of our own now that this place is more crowded than a henhouse? With the shadow of war hanging over our heads? No. If nothing else in my life has been right, this one thing will be all that it should.

Nassë: I suppose, as we have waited so long already, a few more months will not make much difference.

[They kiss again, passionately. Camera pull back, shift focus so that Maedhros and Nassë blur in the foreground and the Blasted Land comes clear in the background. Camera fade.]
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