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Can someone who understands the rules of golf better than me, explain why Tiger's drop yesterday was illegal?

Also, if it wasn't Tiger, would any other player been penalized for dropping this way, which matches the intent of the rules, if not the strict interpretation?

Similarly, why was the 14 year old, Tianlang Guan, penalized in a way that is almost never used even when it is clearly violated. They invited the kid to play, why would they then punish him arbitrarily.

To me, things seem a bit off. There's a strange intermix with Woods and the incredibly bad luck he had on that hole, plus extreme dislike of him from some, and the obvious need of the tournament to keep him in contention for ratings... not to mention the now huge ratings increase they're going to get from the controversy.

I hate when odd rules (or bad calls) in sports impact the eventual results. If, in what is now a monumental task, Tiger manages to win this tournament, people will say he doesn't deserve it... which is absurd. If he wins, he will have been the best golfer out there, by plenty.
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