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Football Club.

I may do it alone here, but for the first time in what seems an age, I can wax lyrical about the team whose every heart-beat is in synchronicity with my own.

And that's football,. as in soccer. No snide comments from this side of the Herring Pond; "soccer" has been in use here for the best part of a century (a contraction of "Association Football"), and anyway, our owners are Fenway Sports Group, who also own the Boston Red Sox. Slightly American...

But not American like the previous owners, Hicks and Gillett (who I continue to confuse with Burke and Hare... check them out :D ).

Anyway, American owners of Premier League Clubs are routinely ridiculed; Americans don't get soccer, right? Well, John Henry and Tom Werner do, and I doff my cap to them.

These guys do sport.

But by the by, I just feel like crowing, because we (Liverpool) hammered the league leaders, Arsenal, 5 - 1 on Saturday.

No, that's not a near touchdown and a partial safety. That's a cricket score! :D :D

Ramble over... :)
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